Corporate Matching Programs

Fundraising is a Snap with Shoparoo, Target, Box Top$, Conejo Deals and other businesses.

Do you want to help raise money for your child's school, but just don't have the time or money required to support typical fundraising programs? Wouldn't you prefer an easier, hassle-free approach to fundraising? 

If so, then Shoparoo, Target, Amazon and other business are here to help! 

It's harder than ever for busy moms and dads to find the time and money required to support bake sales, sell wrapping paper or coordinate school auctions. What you need is a way to contribute to your school, but without the hassle and extra work. That's why this page was created.

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Matching gift programs are charitable giving programs set up by corporations in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations.

Remember, parents who are employed by Amgen should submit their hours! Amgen will match monetary donations starting at $50.  For the Volunteer service grant, $500 will be donated for the first 15 hours of volunteer time and an extra $25 for every hour after that. 
Follow these directions to submit your hours/donations:
1.  Go to MyHR from the Amgen home page
2.  On the home tab/front page, click on the box "Matching Gifts and Amgen Volunteers."
3.  There are separate tabs for "Matching Gifts" and "Volunteer Service Grants."
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